The Family Education Program on Addiction

The Family Education Program is the beginning of what will be a comprehensive, ongoing effort. It is a powerful orientation to addiction and how to deal with it. Participants WILL leave the course with both the information and contacts to combat the disease of addiction successfully. All they need to do is use them.

The course was developed by the wives of two alcoholic brothers in 2001. They couldn’t didn’t find the information and resources they needed at the time. So, members of PRO-ACT, the Council’s advocacy arm, they develop a curriculum for ANYONE who thinks they have a loved one who abuses alcohol or drugs. Expanded over time, today it extends over three two-hour sessions, the first three Monday night of each month from 7 to 9 pm, in the historic one room school house on the campus of The Presbyterian Church of Deep Run located at 16 Irish Meetinghouse Road, Perkasie (Bedminster Township) PA.

The classes run as follows:

1st Monday: Understanding the Disease

  • Addiction Defined
  • Characteristics of People at Risk for Alcohol and Drug Addiction
  • Common Myths About Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Dopamine’s Effect on the Brain
  • The Brain Does Recover
  • Recovery Defined
  • Many Pathways to Recovery

2nd Monday: Understanding the Impact on the Family

Family Recovery Management

  • Enabling and Why We Do It
  • Enabling Questionnaire
  • Changing Behavior: Self Care
  • Changing Behavior: Many Pathways and Positive Communication
  • Changing Behavior: Collaboration and Reinforcement
  • Changing Family Scripts Behavioral Exercise
  • Changing Behavior: Being Responsible for Myself
  • Letting Go
  • The Twelve Rewards of Family Recovery

3rd Monday: Developing the Next Steps

  • Changing Behavior Recap
  • Empowering a Loved One t0o Seek Recovery
  • Intervention: How You Can Help and feel Good About It
  • Basis for Effective Recovery
  • Continuum of Care
  • Health Coverage: Act 106 and Parity
  • Health Coverage: ACA, Healthy PA,302 and State and County
  • Safety Planning
  • Support Networks
  • Suggested Books and Other Media
  • Participation Evaluation (Handout)

The program is being provided free of charge, but contributions are welcome.

Interested parties are encouraged to call the Advocacy Line at Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, at 1-800-221-6333 for additional information, and to register or click here for additional information and to register.