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Class Participation

The course is for ANYONE who thinks they have a loved one who abuses drugs or alcohol. The boisterous uncle who, inevitably, drinks too much at family functions and causes a scene. The son or daughter whose grades have been falling, the one whose parents suspect is helping themselves to the pain medication Dad’s taking for that broken ankle. Whether you’re their niece, nephew, friend, mom, dad, co-worker or employer, if you care enough about the person you suspect, YOU BELONG HERE!

Call 1-800-221-6663 or click here to register, anonymously, if you prefer.


Right, now, we are seeking volunteers for the following positions:

Facilitators for Family Education Program
Classes are facilitated by two trained volunteers. New facilitators are always needed and paired with seasoned facilitators with which to co-facilitate. Once new facilitators become comfortable facilitating, they are the ones teamed with new volunteers. And so the process continues. Contact Alison Slickers at the Council of SEPA, (215) 345-6644 for information on the next training dates.

Peer-to-Peer Coaches for Family Members
This position is best described as “Friend”. Just as important as ongoing support for family members, itself is an experienced confidant to help navigate through their recovery. PRO-ACT provides volunteers free (one day) training, the only pre-requisites for which is a familiarity with the family member’s community and a proven ability to empathize authentically.

Support Group Facilitators
When participants in the Family Education Program are asked what additional support they feel they need, a support group to attend regularly was second, only to a Coach.

Parent and Family Support Group began meeting in October 2015. They will continue to meet every first and third Wednesday of each month thereafter from 7pm-9pm in the Red School House at the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run.

As with the Family Education Program, each meeting of the Parent and Family Support Group is co-facilitated.

Support Group Facilitators may have functioned as a Peer-to-Peer Coach for a Family Member and have experience as a recovering addict or family member of an addict.

Family members explore/access the following services and more, through, both Coaches, and Support Group Facilitators:

  • Self-help and support groups (PRO-ACT supports all pathways to recovery)
  • Employment services and job training
  • Outreach
  • Relapse prevention
  • Housing assistance and services
  • Recovery support activities
  • Additional Family Education
  • Life skills
  • Spiritual and faith-based support
  • Other Educational Opportunities

If interested in any of the above volunteer positions, please, contact The Council’s Advocacy Support Line: 1.800.221.6333.

Spread the word!

The Anna Straw Initiative exists because its founders grew increasingly more sickened by a society that displayed far more concern about other diseases while two people a day died from heroin overdoses in Bucks County alone.

We don’t just talk about the Heroin Epidemic as such, we act accordingly. To that end, we encourage anyone, who shares our passion, to use the following tools to combat addiction like the crises it is!

Distribute and display it, with permission, wherever you think it’ll reach the most people. Keeping in mind that the two fastest growing segments of the addict population are between the ages of 18-24 and 65 and over, think schools, coffee shops, convenience stores, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, etc.

PDF of Flier/Poster

Public Service Announcement
You’d be surprised at how many free opportunities to run community notices there are out there — from traditional newspapers and newsletters to online blogs. It even works as a script for announcements at schools and broadcast media. Distribute it everywhere!