Where the Money Goes

ALL (100%) of the money donated to The Anna Straw Initiative is spent on…


The Anna Straw Foundation combats addiction, primarily in Bucks County, PA, and, primarily, by educating, and supporting the recovery, of the loved ones of those addicted to drugs and alcohol. We, not only provide them with all of the information they need, but, with all of the contacts and emotional support they need, to deal with their loved one’s disease as effectively and compassionately as possible.

We, also, not only encourage loved ones of addicts to participate in the fight against addiction through advocacy, but coach them through the multi-faceted process.


Having the most and best resources available accomplished nothing unless those in need knows how to access them. Excelling, where many of our peer organizations fall short, insures that the number of lives we touch are many and continue to multiply.

So, in turn, does the impact of our advocacy.